Foxy button hole scarf - free knitting pattern

This scarf has a large "button hole" near one end of the scarf to allow you to tuck one end of the scarf through it. The pattern uses 3 x 50gram balls of Sirdar Foxy yarn, 7mm needles and a stitch holder (or another 7mm needle) and is knitted in garter stitch (knit every row) throughout. For me 2 and a half balls knitted up to 32cm in length but you can vary the length for your neck as you wish. Although its an eyelash yarn it's pretty easy to knit with. This is pretty much a beginners pattern, must be, I only re-started knitting 5 months ago!

Knitting the scarf

  1. Cast on 20 stitches.
  2. Knit each row until scarf measures 10cm in length.
  3. Knit first 10 stitches of next row, place last 10 un-knitted on a stitch holder.
  4. Knit the 10 stitches on the needle for 33 rows (your knitting should be 'L' shaped, and you are knitting the upright of the 'L' now)
  5. Put the stitches from the stitch holder on your free needle
  6. Put the stitches from the other needle on the stitch holder
  7. Take a new ball of yarn and with this new ball knit the 10 stitches on the needle. Continue knitting with this new ball for 34 rows.
  8. Put the stitches from the stitch holder onto the end of your needle with the 10 stitches you have been knitting, there should now be 20 stitches on the needle
  9. Use whichever of the two joined in balls of yarn is most convenient and knit each row until the scarf is long enough, try it on regularly to test (it's pretty easy to tuck the end through the 'button hole' even while still attached to the needle). you can cut the second ball of yarn free once you have knitted past it with the other ball and secure the ends, you can then use this ball of yarn to knit with as normal, joining it into your knitting when you need it.
  10. Cast off all 20 stitches and secure the ends of the yarn firmly
  11. Wear your scarf with pride and take orders from your envious friends!